5 Best paying skills to learn as an african youth

If you’re an African, I’m pretty sure you know how difficult it is when job seeking. Sometimes, the pay isn’t even fair enough. Some graduates with good qualifications get stuck between what the employer needs and what they have to offer. The number of jobs made available for African youths is less than the working population. Also, the rate of unemployment keeps increasing, and having skills is the only way to bail yourself out.

There are two categories of skills, soft skills, and technical skills. Soft skills are interpersonal skills applicable to all professions. They include critical thinking, emotional intelligence, teamwork, leadership, communication, and so on. Technical skills are the specific knowledge required to carry out tasks with the help of tools in your field of study.

Below are 5 high-income technical skills you can learn as an African youth.


Coding is one of the high income skills to learn

Coding is essential for every tech or digital product. It could be a website or an application. Coding is what brings those products to life. Some languages you need to learn in coding include; HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, PHP, and so on. With coding, you can become a frontend, backend, or full-stack developer. You can learn coding by taking courses online or offline making use of a laptop.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is one of the high income skills

Again, digital marketers are one of the highly sought individuals. It involves promoting digital products and services to gain more visibility for your brand or company.
Skills you need to learn to make you stand out in your field include, email marketing, and others. A digital marketer earns when he or she gets a gig to promote products online. You can learn digital marketing on different platforms online.

Content creation

Content creation is one of the high income skills

Also, content creation is one of the easiest high-income skills to learn. It involves creating informative, educative, or entertaining content on a platform. It could be a blog, newsletter, company website, or any social media platform. Content creation requires you to be very creative.
Although, it depends on your niche of expertise. Entertaining content like comedies or memes needs you to be creative. Educative or informative content like blog posts needs you to know how to carry out extensive research. You need knowledge of basic writing skills in content creation.

SEO (search engine optimization)

SEO is one of the high income skills

Search engine optimization means optimizing a website or post to rank higher on Google search. Websites on Google search are usually arranged based on optimization.
This helps to attract customers and readers to your website. When there is a need to optimize a website, SEO experts come in. It is not very easy, but then, it’s worth it.


Blogging is one of the high income skills

This platform you are reading from is called a blog. Blogging is the act of sharing entertaining, informative, or educative posts on a website in written format. Also, This is one of the best ways to earn $60-$250 even as a beginner.
You can have a blog as a side hustle if you are a 9-5 worker. To start a blog, first, you need a website and a niche. Choose a niche you are good with and start posting on your website. Promote your blog, get it monetized, and start earning.

Virtual Assistant

Assistant making phone calls

This is not very popular. However, as a virtual assistant, you can earn up to $50 per hour. VA involves helping busy executives carry out tasks. These tasks may be time-consuming or overwhelming for them. Hence, they delegate them to an assistant. Examples include replying to emails, proofreading, editing, travel schedule, and so on.

UI/UX design

UI/UX design inspiration

UI stands for user interface while UX stands for user experience. Both elements are crucial to every digital product. User interface refers to visual elements like buttons and icons. UX is what bridges the gap between the product and the customer.
A UX designer comes up with certain features that cause the customer to feel better about the product. He also comes up with better ways to serve customers well on the product.
UI/UX is quite expensive to learn and takes a lot of time and practice. However, the payment is mind-blowing when you get a gig. They are one of the most paid jobs in the world.


I bet you now know a list of skills to pick from. However, you need both soft skills and technical skills to make you efficient at work. Soft skills can be learned too if you are intentional. Platforms to learn soft skills or technical skills includes Udemy, Coursera, Alison, and lots more.

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