Branding is a very important aspect of your business. With the evolution of digital technology, it is more important than ever. A lot of competitors get exposed to the market today, which makes it very necessary for your brand to stand out among them. In this article, you would be learning the concept of branding and how to create a good and profitable brand.

What then is branding?

What is branding?

Branding can be defined as the strategic, deliberate, and intentional effort of a brand, business, or individual, to create a perception in the minds of the public, that differentiates them from other competitors in their industry.

Branding is often said to comprise the visual representation of a company. This is quite true, however, it is beyond just visual representation. Branding comprises the company’s name, logo, vision, visual designs, tone of voice, and even the employees.

This serves as a way of possessing a distinct identity from other close substitutes. It helps convey your intent to potential customers. A good brand must understand how to strategically communicate to the customers through emotions. It helps to make them feel a particular way about your product. This favors your brand over other competitors.

Benefits of branding

Benefits of branding

Elevates credibility

Branding helps you build trust and credibility between you and your customers. It displays your level of competence. It also helps to show potential customers that you are established in your niche/area of expertise. A brand that misses out on the key elements of branding is most likely to struggle in building customer trust.

Differentiates you from competitors

Branding gives your business an edge over competitors in your industry. A lot of similar products or close substitutes are unveiled in the market daily. As a result, you need to offer quality services and outstanding branding to help you stand out.

It ensures advancement

Quality branding contributes to the advancement of your business. It helps acquire new customers thereby, resulting in more sales, visibility, and advancement of the company.

Improves professional standing

Is your brand a professional brand that targets the co-operate industry? Proper branding helps improve your professional stand in your field by giving your company a more professional look to potential clients.

Creates loyal customers

The quality of your brand can appeal to people’s emotions and make them feel a sense of connection to your business. After that connection is built, it eventually turns your customers into loyal customers. For example, how do you feel when a friend gifts you a Louis Vuitton perfume or an Elizabeth Taylor body care product? It stirs up happiness due to the branding of the company even if you are just using them for the first time.

How to create a unique brand identity

In creating a unique brand identity, you must first answer these questions…
How do you want people to perceive your business? How do they know you are different from other competitors? On answering this, you can now figure out what to out what kind of branding to give your business. You must pick the right elements that will stick to people’s heads, create a feeling in their minds and serve as a tone of voice. Here are some tips to create good Branding for your business.

Tips for unique branding

Choose the right logo and tell a story

In brand identity, whatever logo you are using needs to be properly checked if it fits. What comes to your mind when you hear about MTN or cocacola? These brands have told many stories in their ads which makes it very easy to always remember their logo. When you hear names like puma, Adidas, Nike, and Louis Vuitton, the very first picture that pops up in your head is their Logo.

Select the right brand color for your visuals

It is often said that colors affect the ways we feel about certain things. It’s important to choose the right color for your visuals that will best represent your brand. You can go with colors with cultural and emotional meanings. For example green for agriculture, yellow for happiness, and so on.

Choose the right tagline

This is your mission statement of your brand name. It passes a message or a promise to them from your brand which triggers a feeling of happiness whenever they hear it.

Engage your customers

One key element of branding is engaging your customers. It is much easier to communicate with customers now because a lot of brands can have an online presence. This can be utilized by sharing important updates with them and engaging them in the comments.


Once you have understood that branding is beyond the product and employees, but is a way of positioning your business to create a perception in people’s minds, you are already one step forward to achieving your business success.

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